Holly berries

by | Nov 29, 2019 | News

This week has been marked by the annual ‘stripping’ of the holly berries by our local and visiting birds. We have a number of hollies at Manesty, with red berries, yellow berries and also the berry-less variegated tree with green and yellow leaves. This photo is of the variegated and red berry trees on Manesty Band’s lawn.

At this time of year the red and yellow berried trees practically vibrate with birds. Our resident blackbirds and thrushes are joined by the wintering fieldfares and redwings and between them they can strip a ripe tree of its berries in days! Amazingly, the birds never quite seem to get them all and there are nearly always enough left over for decorating Christmas. If you are visiting at Christmas we are very happy for you to use the holly for your own decorations, but please do ask beforehand so we can make sure you take it from the best place for our garden management plan.

If you are looking for a break over the holiday season we do have some availability left for 2 over new year or up to 5 over Christmas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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