Terms & conditions

Smoke free: no smoking (including e-cigarettes) inside the accommodation or in the garden and grounds

Pet free: no pets permitted inside the accommodation or in the garden and grounds

Conditions of booking & occupancy

What we offer our guests

Your stay

1.   We offer clean, tidy and well maintained self catering accommodation, as described and priced on our website. Maximum numbers of guests for each cottage are nominated on the website and may not be exceeded.

2.   On your arrival day we will be available between 4pm and 7pm to welcome you, show you to your accommodation and familiarise you with your surroundings.

3.   Later arrivals can be accommodated if arranged with us in advance or, if you are delayed, while you are travelling. Earlier arrivals are only possible if arranged the day before or the morning of arrival and may incur an additional charge. You are always welcome to park your car at any time on arrival day and go for a walk or for lunch in Grange. We just need to know in advance, so give us a ring (+44 (0) 17687 77216).

4.   During your stay we will either be on hand in our home at Youdale Knot nearby or available by telephone to help in any way we can to make you comfortable and put right anything which needs attention. We do not service the accommodation during your stay.

5.   The beds which you have requested on your Booking Form will be made up for your arrival. If you stay with us for more than 7 nights we will provide you with a change of bed linen but so as not to intrude we will leave it to you to change the linen on the beds.

6.   We will provide a hand towel, bath mat, bathroom cleaning sponge and two toilet rolls in your bathroom(s) and a dishcloth, tea towel, oven glove, hand towel and bin liner in the kitchen. We will provide consumable cleaning materials, including dishwasher tablets, in the kitchen and bathroom.

7.   We will provide electricity (and heating oil as appropriate) free of charge during your stay and ensure that your accommodation is warm and welcoming on your arrival. In Manesty and High Seat we will provide a complimentary basket of logs with further supplies available at £5 per basket. In Tommy Bit we will provide firewood for the stove and the fire pit as required.

8.   We offer free Wi-Fi and we have the fastest facility which is practicable. Please be aware that in our rural area the actual speed which you enjoy may be less than you are accustomed to at home.

9.   In order to provide you with a welcoming environment we will care for the garden, grounds and building exteriors during your stay as necessary. We will be as unobtrusive as possible.


Extra charges

While we try to offer all-inclusive tariffs, in fairness to those who do not take advantage of all our facilities we offer the following:

1.   Exclusive use of the Hot Tub – £30 per day, subject to availability.

2.  Towels (except in Cocklety How Byre and Tommy Bit where they are included) – £1 each.

What we ask our guests to do

1.   Complete a booking form with names and addresses of all the people, including infants, who will be occupying the accommodation. Count a baby of any age as one person when calculating the number in your party. Please advise us if you wish to make changes to your nominated party after booking.

2.   Pay a Booking Deposit and Good Housekeeping Deposit when booking, as follows:

i.  Weekly rental of up to £500: £100 Booking Deposit per week
Weekly rental of £500 or more: £200 Booking Deposit per week
Shorter breaks: apply the above scale to the rental for the period concerned
ii. Good Housekeeping Deposit: £10 per person for standard booking, £20 per person for larger groups booking (please see T&Cs for larger groups below)

3.   Consult us before booking more than one cottage for your party. Bookings from parties requiring two or more cottages will usually only be permitted in the cottage configurations laid out on the Larger Groups website page. They require agreement to further booking conditions, which you can read below.

4.   The balance of the rent for your stay is payable in the week before your arrival once you have recieved our arrival information email which contains payment details. We accept debit cards and direct bank transfers.

5.   We strongly suggest that you take out cancellation insurance in respect of your booking with us. The section “Cancellation” below sets out your liabilities in the event of your having to cancel your holiday.

6.   Park your car(s) in the space(s) allocated to your accommodation or as specifically requested by us. Our parking plan has been designed to minimise visual intrusion while maximising manoeuvring space for all our guests so please be considerate.

7.   If you are a smoker or e-cigarette user please smoke only on the road outside the cottages and not in the grounds or inside the accommodation.

8.   Manesty is peaceful rural place and we offer our guests a private and tranquil holiday. Please respect the outdoor space allocated to other units of accommodation and refrain from activities which your neighbours might find intrusive. Please be considerate of the differing needs of other guests with regard to social distancing. 

9.   Please look after your accommodation and its furnishings and fittings during your stay and use indoor shoes or slippers inside. Please leave it in a clean and tidy condition. The Good Housekeeping Deposit is held against the risk of any damage, breakages or extra cleaning needed to prepare the cottage to our usual high standards. Where the cost of any damage, breakages or extra cleaning is in excess of the good housekeeping deposit paid guests may be charged the excess.

10. Please vacate your accommodation by 10.00am on your departure day, leave the keys in your door and call us if we have not seen you. More details are provided in your departure email.

What we ask our guests not to do

1.   Please do not invite guests in addition to those nominated on your booking form to share your accommodation with you overnight, unless we have first agreed the change to your party. Our tariffs are designed for and relate to specific numbers of guests, and these should not be exceeded. Additional guests will incur an additional charge if you have already reached the maximum numbers for the price you have paid. We do not offer nightly rates for additional guests and the price will relate to the whole period of your holiday.

2.   Please do not invite large groups to join you at Manesty and please advise us if you wish to have any daytime visitors.  Extra guests create more wear and tear on the accommodation and put more pressure on the environs which can prejudice the enjoyment of the holidays of others.

3.   Please do not plan for any members of your party to sleep outside of the bed spaces provided, e.g. on the floor or in the sitting room, unless you have been specifically offered this option in advance.

4.   Do not bring any pets on to the premises. This includes the grounds and car parking areas and applies to dogs left in cars. Please remember that other guests may have left their pets at home to meet this requirement and others may have deliberately sought out pet free accommodation.

5.   Do not smoke or use e-cigarettes inside or in the gardens and grounds.

Larger groups

Larger groups are related groups of guests who occupy more than one cottage.

1.   Each cottage must be booked on a separate booking form.

2.   Each booking form must be completed and signed by a designated ‘principal guest’ who is occupying the cottage, and who takes responsibility for the cottage during the stay.

3.   All members of the group must be listed on the relevant booking form: any changes to the occupants of a cottage (either to the total number or to the individual members) must be notified to, and agreed by ourselves prior to your arrival.

4.   The total number of guests staying in all the accommodation booked must not exceed the total number of guests each cottage is equipped for, as designated on our website. It must also not exceed 12 guests for bookings of 4 nights or more; and must not exceed 14 guests for bookings of 3 nights or fewer.

5.   The ‘principal guest’ is responsible for ensuring that the correct deposits are paid and for the payment of the balance of the rent in a single payment on arrival.

6.   For groups occupying more than one cottage the Good Housekeeping Deposit is increased to £20 per person.

7.   The ‘principal guest’ is responsible for ensuring that at the end of the stay the cottage is left clean and tidy in the condition that it was found in. Failure to leave the cottage in such a condition will result in a deduction from the Good Housekeeping Deposit in respect of any extra cleaning needed to prepare the accommodation to our customary high standards for incoming guests.

8.   Deductions will be made from the Good Housekeeping Deposits in respect of any damages or breakages. Any damages or breakages must be reported immediately so that we can remedy them as soon as is practicable and before the cottage is occupied by the next guests. Where the cost of damage, breakages and extra cleaning exceeds the good Housekeeping deposit paid the guests may be charged the excess.

9.   Members of the group must be considerate towards other guests at Manesty Holiday Cottages, such that the quality of their holiday is not degraded:
i. Noise levels must be kept down
ii. Children must always be supervised
iii. Members of the group must keep to their own garden area and not infringe on space that belongs to other cottages.
iv. Members of the group must not walk through space that belongs to other cottages to access cars that are parked at Youdale Knot. The road should be used when necessary.

10. No cutlery, crockery, kitchen equipment, furniture or such like may be moved between cottages. If you require extra items please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your needs without moving items from cottage to cottage.

11. Dining plans must be agreed to by ourselves before making the booking: each cottage is equipped to dine only its maximum occupancy, except Manesty Band, which can dine up to 12 (14 for 3 nights or fewer).

12. Shoes which have been worn outside must not be worn inside the cottage. Please bring indoor shoes or slippers.

13. These conditions should be circulated to all members of the group to ensure that all members of the party are aware of their responsibilities.


If, having made your booking, you find that you are unable to take your holiday and wish to cancel it is in your best interests to tell us as promptly as possible so that we have the maximum chance of re-letting. From the day you cancel to the date of your holiday we will make all reasonable efforts to re-market and re-let your accommodation. If we are successful we will return your deposits, less a small administration fee to cover the costs of re-letting. If we are unsuccessful you will remain liable to pay for your holiday in full, because in the period between booking and cancelling, we have lost all opportunity to market and let the accommodation.

Should the reason for your cancellation be included in your insurance terms we will make all reasonable efforts to issue you with the necessary documentation for your insurers.

Stay with us

We offer short breaks and full week holidays all year round, with usual arrivals on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays, depending on the accommodation. We can sometimes be more flexible, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch by using the enquiry form, by emailing us or by giving us a ring.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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