November at Manesty

Given the announcement from the Prime Minister yesterday evening (Saturday 31st October) we assume that we will be instructed to close later this week. We will stay open for as long as we are permitted.

We will no longer be taking any bookings for November. If you have a stay which falls in the planned ‘stay at home’ period during November please get in touch.

We are very sorry to be closing our doors again. We have had so many guests tell us how restorative their stays at Manesty have been since we re-opened in July. It has made all the hard work, which started way back in May, to make and maintain a welcoming but ‘covid secure’ environment very much worth it.

Everyone staying at Manesty has always had their own entrance door and garden area. We closed our few shared spaces in July and made additional space to provide these facilities at an individual level. We are confident that a holiday at Manesty is low risk and the potential benefits are great – the setting is stunning, the air is fresh and the walking is endless.

We will be here and ready to reopen as soon as we are permitted and we hope to welcome lots of you then!

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ManestyNovember at Manesty
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Covid-19 policies at Manesty

We are delighted to be open and to be welcoming guests again. Things are not quite the same here at Manesty as they were at the beginning of the year and we have had to make changes to adhere to relevant rules and to minimise the risks to our guests, to those who help us look after the accommodation and to ourselves. Below is a summary of how these changes will affect your holiday.

Before you arrive

–   If you have Covid-19, or if you have been advised to self-isolate at home, you must not travel to Manesty.

–  We are no longer taking payments in person on arrival and request that you pay your balance before you arrive. We will send an email detailing how to do this.

–  We can still provide items such as high-chairs, cots and pillows. However, we are encouraging guests to bring their own such items wherever possible to minimise the extent to which multiple guests use the same “high contact” items. In particular, we strongly recommend that you bring your own pillows.  Please let us know if you are not.

–  In addition to our usual rigorous cleaning, we are following guidance from the Professional Self Caterers Association in order to prepare the accommodation for you.

On arrival

–  We have a later arrival time of 5pm. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any early arrivals and we can no longer offer parking for those who wish to arrive early and go for a walk before their accommodation is ready.

–  Pillows will not be on the bed on your arrival unless you request them.

–  We have removed items which cannot be washed between guests such as bed throws and scatter cushions from the accommodation.

–  Only the beds which are required for your holiday will be made up for you. Unmade beds will be protected with a clean sheet and will be clearly labelled. If you wish to use these beds please ask us for clean bedding while you are here.

–  We will no longer welcome you in person or show you around the accommodation and grounds. Our arrival email, sent a week or so before your arrival, will include everything you need to find and access your accommodation. It will also give you access to our new welcome video. We will still be here if you need help and will be pleased to hear from you on your arrival to make sure you have settled in.

Social Distancing

–  You should continue to respect the Government’s 2 metre social distancing rule in our shared outdoor areas as there is plenty of space to do so.

–  Areas belonging to a specific accommodation have been physically separated to help our guests maintain 2 metre social distancing.

–  We are making social distancing as easy as possible by limiting the number of people at Manesty. Therefore you should not invite friends or family who are staying elsewhere to visit you at Manesty.

Closure of shared facilities

–  Utility Room – we have closed our shared utility room/books & games room. In light of this we have installed a combination washing machine/drier in Manesty Dairy and a washing machine in High Seat and Tommy Bit. We are working on providing a washing machine and drier for our Caravan but this has not been possible yet. Unfortunately we are unable to install a washing machine in Cocklety How Studio Apartment.

–  Tommy Bit now has a dedicated shower room which is not shared.

–  Hot tub – Regrettably we have closed our hot tub. It drains into a stream, limiting the disinfectants we can use. Therefore, we are not confident we can satisfy Government guidance on cleaning shared spaces. The Government has also advised that people from different households should not share private hot tubs.

On departure

–  We have an earlier departure time of 9am, which must be followed.

–  We will provide you with a departure pack with clear information about what you need to do before you vacate the accommodation.

–  We will ask you to strip your beds and put used laundry in our designated location outside.

–  You will be asked to leave the windows open and turn on all extractor fans.

–  You will be asked, in addition to leaving things clean and tidy as usual, to wipe high contact surfaces and places with alcohol wipes which we will provide.

What if you get ill while you are staying at Manesty?

–  If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or are asymptomatic but have the need to self-isolate, you should return home to self-isolate according to the current government guidance.

–  If you have acute symptoms, have breathing difficulties, or your life is at potential risk, you should seek medical help immediately.

–  If you contract Covid-19 while staying at Manesty you must inform us immediately so that we can take appropriate action.

What else are we doing?

–  We have the ‘We’re Good to Go’ industry standard from Visit England.

What if there is another lockdown?

–  If we are instructed to close again and are not permitted to be open for a your holiday, you can move the booking to an alternative date with 52 week of the date of your original booking.

ManestyCovid-19 policies at Manesty
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Re-opening on 4th July!

Today (23rd June) the Prime Minister announced in the House of Commons that

‘From 4th July, provided that no more than two households stay together, people will be free to stay overnight in self-contained accommodation’.

Therefore, we will be re-opening and welcoming guests on 4th July. Naturally, in the circumstances it will not be quite the same as before, but we have been working hard over the last few months to prepare for this date and to do everything we can to provide a welcoming environment while minimising the risks to our guests, the people who work here, and ourselves. We will update this post soon with the changes we have made.

ManestyRe-opening on 4th July!
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Covid-19 Looking ahead to re-opening

Dear All

We finally feel like we have turned a corner and are looking ahead to reopening and welcoming guests again with more clarity than before. You can sign up to our mailing list if you would like to be the first to hear when we know our actual reopening date.

The Government has indicated that the earliest that hospitality businesses will be reopening is July. Therefore, unfortunately anyone who has an existing booking at Manesty with an arrival date in May or June is extremely unlikely to be able to come to Manesty on their holiday. We hope that those guests will take up our offer to move their booking to a new date. Please get in touch if this is you. We will be prioritising the more imminent bookings so please bear with us if we do not reply straight away.

We are taking new bookings for holidays from July 4th onwards. Given the uncertainty of the situation, for new bookings made for holidays in July or August, if restrictions prevent us from reopening in time for your holiday you can move your booking to a new date within 52 weeks of the start date of your original holiday date.

It has been lovely to hear from a number of guests who have stayed with us before and who are keeping positive by booking their Autumn holidays. Thank you! Thanks also to all those who have had their holidays with us disrupted and have been so understanding about the situation we are all facing. So many of you have written kind and sympathetic emails which have been very much appreciated.

It hasn’t all been relaxing in the sunshine and daily exercise walking while we have been closed. We’ve been working hard and have used the opportunity and the weather to get those jobs done that are just not conducive to a relaxing holiday: digger work in the garden removing and moving overgrown rhododendrons; digging up and relaying drains; constructing a new terrace in front of High Seat made from some lovely boulders we had in ‘storage’; replacing some of the double glazing in Manesty Band and Cocklety How Byre which had misted up; repair work in a bathroom where we discovered a leak; ordering a new bespoke kitchen for the Caravan which will hopefully be (a) a very close match to the existing one and (b) be installed in time for our reopening; as well as other more minor jobs which seem to keep the days pretty full. The lawns are mowed (albeit a little bit brown!) and the flowers are out, all ready and waiting.

Best wishes to you all,

Cheryl and Alan

ManestyCovid-19 Looking ahead to re-opening
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Covid-19 Update

Dear all

As the Government’s ‘Stay at Home’ instruction has been renewed for another three weeks from Thursday 16th April, we will remained closed as instructed until at least Thursday 7th May. We had already re-organised all holidays which had been booked within that period. For those of you with holidays booked in the weeks shortly after 7th May, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss your booking.

We are hoping that towards the end of the three week period we will be given more information about how and when we will be able to reopen.

We have been keeping busy in the garden and with modest walks from the house. The exceptional spring weather is making things more bearable than they might have been! The flowering cherry (photographed) is out and looking quite spectacular. We are so sorry that you are not able to share the weather with us here, but trust you are making the best of it wherever you are.

Best wishes

Cheryl, Alan and family

Please note: If you would like to know when we reopen after the Covid-19 restrictions, please join our mailing list and we will email you as soon as we know.

ManestyCovid-19 Update
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Covid-19 Closure

Dear all

In these extraordinary times, as instructed by the Government, we are currently closed. We have been given no indication how long we should remain closed, so in the absence of further information we are assuming initially that the closure will last as long as the Government’s ‘Stay at Home’ instruction, which was brought in on Monday 23rd March for 3 weeks.

The swift changing nature of the situation has made it impossible to implement any plan for any timescale beyond the 3 weeks. We have had many and they keep becoming irrelevant within 24h or so! We appreciate however that guests with bookings in the next couple of months may wish or need to make their own choices about travel, so if you would like to discuss your booking please get in touch by email or phone.

This is a difficult time for us all and we hope you stay safe and keep well. Any support you can give us at this time, for example by choosing to move your booking rather than cancel it, or by booking a new holiday later in the year (we have to remain positive!), is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes

Cheryl, Alan and family

Note: To be notified when we will reopen please sign up to our mailing list.

ManestyCovid-19 Closure
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Catch up on your favourite TV after a day on the fells

Our first task of 2020 was a TV upgrade.

All our cottages and our studio now have a Full HD Smart TV, so you can keep on top of your favourite programmes while enjoying time on the fells. The TVs are set up for BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and My5. If you have a Netflix, Prime or similar account, you can use your own log in details to watch these services through the relevant app on the TV.

Our plan is also to install a Smart TV in our Retro Caravan too for the beginning of it season in March. We need to work out the best installation – the wifi in the Caravan works slightly differently to the houses which makes things a little more complex!

Tommy Bit, our shepherd’s hut, will remain without a TV. There is still wifi available.

We also have new Bluray players throughout which will play Blurays and DVDs.

ManestyCatch up on your favourite TV after a day on the fells
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Happy New Year!

We’ve had a lovely end to 2019, with sunny weather and clear skies. This photo was taken from the garden today and catches some of the first sunshine of the year up on the fells across the valley from Manesty. All the best for 2020 to all of our guests, past, present and future. Thank you very much for choosing Manesty!

ManestyHappy New Year!
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Holly berries

This week has been marked by the annual ‘stripping’ of the holly berries by our local and visiting birds. We have a number of hollies at Manesty, with red berries, yellow berries and also the berry-less variegated tree with green and yellow leaves. This photo is of the variegated and red berry trees on Manesty Band’s lawn.

At this time of year the red and yellow berried trees practically vibrate with birds. Our resident blackbirds and thrushes are joined by the wintering fieldfares and redwings and between them they can strip a ripe tree of its berries in days! Amazingly, the birds never quite seem to get them all and there are nearly always enough left over for decorating Christmas. If you are visiting at Christmas we are very happy for you to use the holly for your own decorations, but please do ask beforehand so we can make sure you take it from the best place for our garden management plan.

If you are looking for a break over the holiday season we do have some availability left for 2 over new year or up to 5 over Christmas. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

ManestyHolly berries
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Autumn colours and red squirrels

The autumn colours are particularly lovely this week. These photos are of Manesty today, basking the midday autumn sunshine.

This morning the red squirrel was out and about in our back garden, busy burying nuts for the winter. We often see them at this time of year, as they venture out of their hazel tree haven more often to store up for the winter. Our retro caravan overlooks the hazel trees and many of the guests who stay there see the squirrels regularly.

Manesty in the autumn sun

Manesty in the autumn sun

ManestyAutumn colours and red squirrels
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