Covid policies at Manesty in 2022

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Following the Government’s announcement in February 2022 we have reviewed our policies. Our priority is to continue to minimise risks for our guests, those who help us and ourselves while providing our guests with an enjoyable holiday. Below is a summary of how our reviewed policies affect holidays at Manesty.

Before you arrive

–  If you have Covid-19, or if you have been advised to self-isolate at home, we ask that you do not travel to Manesty.

–  We are no longer taking payments in person on arrival and request that you pay your balance before you arrive. A week to 10 days before your arrival, we will send an email detailing how to do this.

–  We can provide items such as high-chairs, cots and pillows. However, guests may wish to bring their own their own such items to minimise the extent to which multiple guests use the same ‘high contact’ items.

–  In addition to our usual rigorous cleaning, we are following guidance from the Professional Self Caterers Association in order to prepare the accommodation for you. In particular, we are making sure accommodation is well ventilated between guests.

On arrival

–  We continue to have a later arrival time of 5pm, to ensure that there is time for preparation and ventilation of accommodation. Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any early arrivals and we can no longer offer parking for those who wish to arrive early and go for a walk before their accommodation is ready.

–  Pillows will now again be on the bed on your arrival. You may still prefer to bring your own pillows, just let us know if you choose to do this.

–  Only the beds which are required for your holiday will be made up for you. Unmade beds will be will be clearly labelled. If you wish to use these beds please ask us for clean bedding while you are here.

–  We will not necessarily welcome you in person, and if we do we will only converse with you outside. We will not show you around inside the accommodation. Our arrival email, sent a week or so before your arrival, will include everything you need to find and access your accommodation. It will also give you access to our welcome video. We will still be here if you need help and will be pleased to hear from you on your arrival to make sure you have settled in.

Social Distancing

–  To make sure all guests feel comfortable at Manesty you should continue to respect social distancing in our shared outdoor areas as there is plenty of space to do so.

–  Outdoors areas belonging to specific accommodation will remain physically separated to help our guests maintain social distancing.

–  To make sure all our guests are comfortable we are continuing to make social distancing as easy as possible by limiting the number of people at Manesty. Therefore you should not invite friends or family who are staying elsewhere to visit you at Manesty.

Closure of indoor shared facilities

–  Utility room – Our shared utility room/books & games room remains closed. In light of this we have installed: a combination washing machine/drier in Manesty Dairy; a washing machine and drier in the Caravan; and a washing machine in High Seat and Tommy Bit. Unfortunately we are unable to install a washing machine in Cocklety How Studio Apartment. If you need to use a washing machine while you are here please let us know and we will try to arrange it. There are books in each accommodation.

–  Tommy Bit now has a dedicated shower room which is not shared.

Re-opening of outdoor shared facilities

–  Hot tub – We are re-opening our outdoor hot tub to book for private use by the day.

The UV treated water in the hot tub is changed between each booking. However, because the hot tub drains into a stream, we cannot chlorinate the water or use disinfectants in the hot tub.

We have decided to re-open the hot tub because

  • it has been indicated that transmission of Covid-19 via surfaces is significantly less likely than through the air ( )
  • it is outside and for private use only
  • the water is changed between bookings
  • of the success of the British vaccination program.

However as we cannot disinfect surfaces between users, use of the hot tub is at your own risk.

We are not able to offer as much assistance with the hot tub as we have previously, therefore to use the hot tub you need to be confident lighting and maintaining a fire. Please read about operating the hot tub before booking.

–  Bike and outdoor equipment storage – We can store bikes and other equipment in a discreet outdoor storage area. Please let us know before you arrive if you will need to use it. Indoor storage remains closed.

On departure

–  We have an earlier departure time of 9am, which must be followed. This gives the accommodation time to air not only for the next guests, but also for those who prepare it for them.

–  We will provide you with a departure pack with clear information about what you need to do before you vacate the accommodation to help protect those who prepare it for the next guests.

–  We will ask you to strip your beds and put used laundry in our designated location outside.

–  You will be asked to leave the windows open and turn on all extractor fans.

–  You will be asked to leave things clean and tidy as usual.

What if you get ill while you are staying at Manesty?

–  If you either have symptoms of Covid-19 or get a positive test result, we ask that you return home.

–  If you have acute symptoms, have breathing difficulties, or your life is at potential risk, you should seek medical help immediately.

–  If you contract Covid-19 while staying at Manesty you should inform us immediately so that we can take appropriate action.

What else are we doing?

–  We have the ‘We’re Good to Go’ industry standard from Visit England.

What if there is another lockdown?

–  If we are instructed to close again and are not permitted to be open for your holiday, you can move the booking to an alternative date with 52 week of the date of your original booking.


Photo: Looking towards Narrow Moor from the fields near Manesty

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